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Is a Short Sale the right (or Wrong) thing to do morally?

Is a Short Sale the right thing (or Wrong) to do morally? I think is a question on a lot of people's minds these days, so let's address it head on. In defense of the argument that it is WRONG to short sell your home let me list the reasons why I was very reluctant to even consider short selling my home. 1) My parents raised me to honor any contract that I sign. (i.e. I signed the loan documents, so I am not going to go back on that). 2) I am religous and I feel it would compromise my values of doing the right thing. 3) I … [Read More...]

Will I Owe Taxes If I Short Sale My Arizona Home

Will I Owe Taxes If I Short Sale My Arizona Home   As you know congress extend the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Relief Act also knows as MDRA. You are probably wondering whether if you short sale your home if you would owe Taxes. For many Arizona Homeowners the MDRA does not apply. That does not meant that you owe taxes it means that more people get relief of tax liability in a short sale than the MDRA covers. In Arizona we have very unique deficiency and tax laws that give our underwater homeowner greater advantage in a … [Read More...]

Comparable Sales in Home Buying

Finding Comparable Sales in the Public ecord

The most accessible source of information on comparable sales is the public record. When someone buys a home the property is deeded from the seller to the buyer. In most circumstances, this deed is recorded at the local county recorder’s office. They combine sales data with information already known about the property so they can assess property taxes correctly. Provided there have been no additions to the property, the information available from the public record is usually correct regarding sales price, square footage, … [Read More...]

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for negotiating on our behalf to help us get the condo of our dreams...You made it work for which we are very grateful to you.”
~ Marcia & Mel R., Phoenix, AZ
“Thank you for your work on my behalf in selling this property, negotiating the short sale contract and ensuring that I am released from all obligation to the lender.”
~ Kay J., Phoenix, AZ
“Thanks so much for selling our home so FAST! Your marketing program must work, because you sold our home for much more than we had ever hoped. We recommend Realty Central to everyone we know!”
~ Amber K., Scottsdale, AZ
“Jim is a good friend of mine. You can trust his work and honesty 100%!”
~ Saeid A., Vancouver, Canada